What do you usually do with your photos?


what do you do with your digital photos?Any special idea?store to the computer,burn on dvd,making album,slideshows,any other idea about dealing with photos?

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There was a good thread about this already made. Check it out… http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=582307


I’m a photo addict, so what i usually do after taking pictures is to sort out, edit my pictures in my pc, add a little graphics and print it out, then put it in my album. I do collects nice pictures especially, a nature theme picture. that’s why when i do want to travel, my digital camera is my first priority.

Thanks for the reminder,it’s very helpful

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I burn my photos on the DVD.



I have 2 external 2.5 hard disks to store them. And using Adobe Bridge for catalogue them and to browse. This works great for me.

If thinking of storage, i prefer photos to be backed up well.

I always try to use two different methods to store them - the first one is hard disks - for faster accessibility and the second may be DVDs.

I was thinking after shot hundreds of photos,I stored them and never watch them again.Most of my photos were stored in the hard drive or DVD and then I never tuch them again.so what is the point of taking photos?

Usually, i just stored them on my pc. But most of the time I made slide shows out of them and sometimes print them on my own…I love pictures so much. I also do some editing on them…after printing them I also laminate and make key chains for my wallet or bags…:smiley:

You can post them on a site like gonogging dot com and sell them… I’ve made some extra cash doing it… it’s been helpful for me.

Really??..thanks for the idea.

They sit on my hard drive gathering digital dust until I eventually remember to back them up onto an external hard drive - where they then gather some more digital dust.

Eventually, the girlfriend might come accross them and decide to burn a few onto DVD or print them.

And then they get framed and put somewhere in the house where they gather actual real dust.

Facinating! :smiley:

I used to burn CDs but then you have the problem of where are you going to store all those cds? i got an iosafe solo external hard drive for my birthday and moved all 5,000 photos to it. easy.

I always upload my photos to my Multiply and Facebook account. These are my online storage.

I upload at facebook :smiley:

I just store them in my HD and when I am sad I look at them and reminisce how much I had fun taking the photos.

deepnds on what photos I have :slight_smile:
if are personal I keep them
if are funny I post them on my blog or in other places
if are interesting I use the site from microsoft and make some 3d view with them :slight_smile:
have a nice day

My wife organizes them by edited/unedited, then by client name, and then it’s stored on our 2TB server.

Me personally, I just name the folders after the event, or date, and call it good.

You can have your own online data back up or host your photos. There are sites who can provide those services.

Hope this helps.