What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

For me, I use Laptop only for internet. I have mobile also but laptop is convenient rather than mobile for me.

I use for internet my laptop and desktop…

Remember, this forum is General Discussions. By all means discuss the subject, by telling us why you prefer one or the other. If there’s no discussion, then the thread will be closed. We have had a recent thread on the subject which simply turned into a list of preferences, and we don’t need another. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I used to use my iPad most until I traded it in for a Wii U. Haha. I tend to use my desktop for internet most. I have a netbook that is a piece of garbage for anything and it only works because I have Linux installed on it. Otherwise it would be too slow to do anything except text editing and even that is an almost impossible task on it.

I do however find myself using my HTC Sensation smart phone to browse Reddit and check my emails a lot more now that the iPad is gone. I miss my iPad.

The reason the iPad is my favorite is that it was quick and easy to use no matter what I wanted to check up on on the internet. The smart phone is slow.

But at least it’s convenient. :slight_smile:

I stopped using a desktop a couple of years ago and am pretty happy with that. I have more space in my house. I still have a desk it doesn’t have a big monitor sitting on top. I can plugin to my big screen TV if needed. I also use my phone when I am out but try to separate work from being away from it.

I prefer to use my laptop over my mobile when surfing the net for one, the images are much more clearer because of the size of the screen or monitor and depending on what mobile phone you have because some mobile have limited choices on what you want to do on some websites.

I don’t think I’d be able to give up my desktops. I have one for work. One for gaming. There is no way I would be able to survive for long without a nice cozy place to sit in front of a nice big screen.

I did work on a laptop for six years. It was my only computer.

I don’t think I could stand doing that anymore.

Laptop is best for internet when compared with mobile because it is difficult to view & not that much easier to browse.

I mostly use Internet on my Laptop or Desktop as I feel it more convenient to use Internet on Laptops due to larger screen and fast access.
Well I use Internet on my mobile too but only to download games form Apps Store…

I prefer laptop also for using internet because now a day lots of mobile available for which we can use internet but laptop is very convenient for use of internet because we need online business listing for promoting my business.

I have a mix of my work windows laptop, ipad, and a Powerbook G4 running Ubuntu. For reading, or for reference I like how the ipad pulls information from the internet. For quick answers while working I go directly to the laptop browser. For the fun side of ‘internetting’, the laptop can handle videos well (bigger screen), or stream music (better speakers). But at the same time, I read entertaining things on the ipad.
The Powerbookrunning ubuntu is good for… not sure when it comes to the internet.

For intensive work, I prefer a desktop with a big monitor. The screen real estate is important when doing many tasks at once. :slight_smile: At home I’m using a laptop mostly for entertainment and sometimes my phone for a quick email check.

I use the pc to surf the net. The mobile is only for exception as once I leave the office … I want a “real life”.

Laptop and when I am not able to use Laptop then Mobile . :slight_smile:

Laptop is comfortable for me to use internet.

The list of replies seems long enough to me :slight_smile:

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