What do you think of our unique partner program?

We are launching our partner program shortly and reaching out to members of this forum to receive their feedback.

Our patent pending partner program is an advertisement revenue sharing program which allows partners to display their advertisements on our website in return for promotion of our services on their websites. Partners can run advertisements sourced from third party ad networks (e.g. AdSense) and or display their own ads promoting their services. Partners ads will be displayed 50% from the total impression pool. Yes, this is AdSense friendly. Partners will collect payments directly from their ad networks.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports are provided through our partner program platform.


  1. Minimum daily uniques 10,000
  2. Minimum monthly total visits 600,000
  3. All usual illegal sites not permitted
  4. All traffic accepted except from Africa and Eastern Europe
  5. 18 and above. No other demography requirements (prefer a reasonable gender split)
  6. Provide website information together with traffic report

Comments and feedback welcome.


OK, so people can have their ads show on your website. And why would they do this? Do you have a high traffic website? And is it a real general website, or is it just one specific target group of consumers?

OK, so let’s say I have a website with a minimum of 10,000 uniques per day. And I have an adsense account. Why would I go to your website, display my adsense ad, and have your products show on my site even through I could just be showing adsense ads right there?

I don’t really get it.

Thank you for your questions.

I am assuming you have heard of advertisement revenue sharing for content? Some examples are listed here: http://www.reviewerofsites.com/the-internets-largest-list-of-adsense-revenue-sharing-sites/.

Our program is advertisement revenue sharing for traffic.

  1. Partner sends traffic to us by promoting our services on their website. This is usually done by placing text links in unused but high visibility areas.
  2. Partner’s ads are displayed on our site 24/7, 50% from the impression pool
  3. Partner earns revenue when pages are viewed on our website
  4. Partner collects payments directly from their ad networks

More traffic a partner sends to us, more of their ads will be displayed on our site, more money they will make.

There is a limit to how many ads per page a partner may have on their website or how many pages they may have, by partnering with us, they will have access to another 160 pages where there ads will be displayed.

Our website is a free social dating service.

Hope this clarifies.