What do you think of Facebook closing the account of a Charity without warning?

L’Abbé Pierre, champion of the homeless and world citizen, died on January 22nd, 2007 in Paris at 94 years old.

Facebook has closed the account of his continuing charity Foundation without any prior warning just the month before the one People would generally be more generous to donate.

Much later the explanation was given: a facebook account is attached to a person, not an organization.

As for me, this so lame, especially as no warning was given and at this crucial period.

I’m so angry that I won’t feel like going to facebook anymore.

You could always start a new profile based on the charity. There are tons of them on Facebook.

And what about those who have subscribed ? And what prevent them to close again ? Why don’t they explicitely warn that facebook is for a person not for an organization ? When you register they don’t tell. In fact their privacy information button doesn’t even work as two days ago I did want to look at it when registering.

And I’m sure there are many organizations on facebook, why did they target this one and why didn’t they have even the slightest humanity to warn the organization especially as it is a very well known charitable one ?

The facebook might think that the charity account was a spam in order for them to moderate the site the block or disable. but in your case I think they want you to pay them for the Ads, I mean creating an Foundation in Social Networking is a Ads for the Charity so that was my conclusion.

Oh yeah very bad business, and I guess Facebook one day will pretend donating to charity hahaha … I hate fake charity donation just for commercial rehearsal.