What do you think is going to be next big traffic machine

We have all seen it the social media site being a very important tool in branding and generating, hype, sales (at least that is what we all like in the end).

What is going to be next. i can tell you honestly that i don’t know what is going to be the next great things. I do see that apps are closing off the ability to freely connect with people as a company.

The world of marketing is going fast so what do you think what is going to be the next big thing?

It’s difficult to say what the next big traffic method will be. It will most likely be a social site like pinterest, instagram, facebook, etc. but what unique spin will there be that hasn’t been done yet, not sure.

Hopefully one of us can think of a simple idea that goes extremely viral and gets us millions every month :smiley:

yeah finding the next big thing is great, but i am sure i am not going to be the one.

I don’t understand this part. Could you explain, please?

Well, with Google making it harder to promote your business site by disqualifying link building I think it will be some kind of “ebay for business marketing” site. I dont know if the time is right yet but I think there will be some kind of revolt against Google so that businesses can promote their products effectively on an international level. The closest site I know to this end is LinkedIn but they have done it poorly in my view. They site is badly designed for aesthetics and usability plus its not really built with effective marketing in mind (imho). Will this brave new site be built by a sitepoint member? :wink: I guess only time will tell.

I agree with you on being hard to tell what the next big traffic maker is going to be, especially after some of the latest SEO related announcements by Google Staff. I also do not like Linkedin much, I think it is kind of dull and boring, but it does help a lot of businesses and I guess it is a more serious enviornment than Facebook and other social media sites.


I think the best way to generate traffic was, is and will always be to create great content that is worth of getting a lot of traffic