What do you think about NodeList.js

Hey I’m the creator of NodeList.js and would really like to know what you guys think about it. Would you guys use it?

I would love any feedback:

  • Would you use it?
  • Would you not? (Why)
  • How should I improve it?



there is already jQuery I could use for that.

No the difference here is, your using the Native DOM APIs. So mainly people who prefer vanilla-js (like myself) would use this.

Also it’s a lot smaller, I haven’t done any benchmarks yet I think it’s a lot faster.

Vanilla-js is faster obviously. My library just loops through each Node and calls each method on each Node (using a for loop) which is really fast.

Now of course this is not better than jQuery since jQuery solves a whole lot of more problems.

Like cross browser compatability, there’s animations, and so fourth.

Yet this is purely for DOM manipulation with the Native DOM APIs. Plus some extra functionality.

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