What do you think about my eCommerce Platform Design?

I am building an Ecommerce site, and I had a local designer draw it in Photoshop. I would highly appreciate if you would look at it let me know your first impression. Obviosly, any UX/UI suggestions are welcome



These are the template files.

I am interested to hear about:

  1. First impression (would you use it to sell some of your goods?)
  2. General impression
  3. Colors (on the site)
  4. UI Elements
  5. Any other suggestions are welcome

Thank you and I look forward to reading your answers.

I would avoid a site like that, because it doesn’t tell me what it is or who’s behind it (not up front, anyway). Just presenting me with products for sale turns me off.

Hi Ralph,

Hmm, I guess a lot of people miss the point. I am not selling anything. This is a way for people to log in and find products other people offer or post theirs for sale. This is something that is needed in my country so people can start trading…

I am interested to hear about color pallete, elements look and feel, and general impression

I was using Bootstrap as a base foundation, and will be building it on Laravel, and adding a bit of Angular.

Thank you

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