What do you mean by Spider?

Is it work the same as google bots work please give your feed back

In simple term a spider also known as “bot” is a program that visits sites and reads their pages and other data so as to make entries in web engine index. Google bot is Google’s web spider which crawl web pages or links.

Did you try an Internet search @ukoutreachexpert?

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In a simple word when you create some page and want to promote it on search engine like Google you have to submit it. After that a process start in which first it crawl(spider) and after that it will index to search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing and Etc.). Here crawl and spider are the same term.

Disagree on this. The spider is the piece of software, and crawling is what it does.

Just like a real life spider (i.e., the animal) crawls its web, these virtual spiders crawl the world wide web.

Also it’s worth pointing out a square-rectangle logic gaff that often takes place.

Search bots are all spiders; not all spiders are search bots.


Spider Terminology is used in Search engine marketting operations,spiders are actually dercides that ,which pages will crwaled by google or not.

That’s not an accurate explanation, @spyhop19891. All search engines use spiders, not just Google, and as @m_hutley has pointed out, not all spiders are search bots.

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Spider is nothing but Google bot it will crawl a particular website and index in search engines.

Wrong. Please read the thread before replying.

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