What Do You Mean By Fashion?


We all have our own perspectives regarding fashion. I feel that fashion is the freedom of style.

What do you think what is fashion ?

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[font=verdana]Throughout history, fashion has generally been a way to demonstrate the wealth of fashionistas and the fact that they don’t have to do anything useful with their time. That’s why practical items are rarely fashionable – because by wearing fashion items, people are showing off that they don’t need to do anything practical.

Look at suntans. In Victorian Britain (19th century), having a suntan was very unfashionable, because it implied that you were a labourer who was outdoors all day. The fashion was to be pale, because rich people didn’t have to work outside so wouldn’t get a tan. Then times changed, and soon having a suntan became a sign of someone who had the leisure time to lie around on the beach, and the money to travel to a beach (or even better, to go abroad). These days, people go to quite absurd lengths to turn themselves quite unnatural shades of orange in a horrific display of one-upmanship.[/font]

Very tough question. All I do is buy shirts from walmart. That’s all I know about fashion.

In my point of view Fashion mean to show their Looks, style, dresses, and etc. by Fashion we can show our hidden ability in front of the others So Fashion means tell the humans that what the trend going in market and how to attract the people.:slight_smile:

fashion is name of liberty.

Fashion has become more crazy in these days. Where we try to show our best choice best look.And all of these full fill through fashion.

Fashion is actually an expression of the real yourself to others. It is executed by means of dressing up or putting additional accessories on yourself. I’m not an expert though but through fashion you are able to show your sense of attainment. Looks is important that is why it is express through fashion.

Fashion belongs to latest culture.

I think it has to do with you and the society’s perception of style. It may change from time to time and depending on location too.

I think fashion describes what we should be wearing daily


fashion means wat you like… and not care about what other people thinks about you.

fashion is nothing but the liscence we are acheiving to do whatever we like.

. dress neatly
. modeling



Well I think that fashion means anything which suits upon you and which is in trend…

I would add that now fashion is made for big masses of people and its not always has to do with a style cuz style is personal expression of good taste. When almost every women knows what is fashion in this season that not always leads to something special that will make her different from others.

Thank you all for participating. I think the definition of fashion is clear enough now.
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