What do you know about Face Book pages being listed on Google?

So I have done a few key word searches for things at google with special emphasis on Face Book as a determinant resource to be supplied from.

For instance “Fried Chicken” produces four results when “Face Book” is added in the search. So I see that name recognition is validly supplied in queries of Face Book from Google.

So how does that information get indexed on Google? Can a Face Book Fan pages history of news and keywords be crawled to supply an authority for listing results like any old page?

I am just looking for constructive comments? And by the way do you love “Fried Chicken”?

Google will index any page that is publicly available to an ‘unauthenticated’ user.

Bookmark or note the URL of the page on Facebook you’re interested in. Log out of Facebook. Go to that page. Can you see it? That’s the same as what Google sees. Exactly how much you can see will depend on the security settings on the page, but it is possible to make pages that are public.