What do you guys think of my design? Worthy of employment?

I need a fresh pair of eyes to tell me what I should change on my portfolio.

Here’s my portfolio page: DavidCardoso.org

Things I already know I have to work on:
*I’m totally aware I need to add thumbnails to the portfolio page to replace the full size images. I’ll get that done soon.
*I’m currently using JQuery for the simple toggle animation of the navbar, and I will be converting that to raw Javascript momentarily.
*The homepage is a boring wall of text. I’ll be adding images and other content later on.

Other than that, what do you guys think? I am working towards becoming a Web Developer in the future, and I want to know if my works are even worthy of a full-time position.

It certainly looks like you know your stuff, @tinman47. Nice work. Definitely worthy of employment. :slight_smile:

Thanks Ralph, I really appreciate it man.

I agree with ralphm. I personally only do a few sites and not some of the things you are doing so I don’t know some of your languages.

What I want to mention though is don’t be discouraged if some places don’t think the skills are there because every company wants what they want or what you can teach them that they need.

I do like doing sites but not full time, sitting at a desk all day would drive me crazy. But still there are enough places around I can find work with what I have to offer so with you knowing more languages I don’t see why someone won’t pick you up.

Look around your area for businesses that have headquarters near you that need improvement to their sites. Give them an example what you could do for them. You may be suprised. My first job I simply showed how my work beat what they had and that is all it took.

Good Luck

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Its a relief to here that what I’m doing is okay. I want to of course pick up my own clients. I’m trying to do that as we speak.

But yeah that makes sense, I think a company has an idea of what your potential could be if they see your portfolio and what you’ve learned over time.

Id say you are good you know your stuff, the fundamentals maybe a little more…
they would be dumb if they didnt hire you. These days many agancies want to hire designers
and developers that are different and innovative but I think it should not always be like that.

What do you mean the fundamentals? But thanks I really appreciate it. I guess I should start learning frameworks now (well only 3: Laravel, AngularJS and maybe one other framework) and maybe learn some HTML and CSS preprocessors. Might try learning Python and DJango, but not sure I feel like PHP with a framework would be fine.


Yeah I personally like bootstrap you should try if you havent…
PHP is nice much better to organize your pages too…

Oh okay good.

But yeah bootstrap and materialize are the two I’m going to look into, then learning Laravel and Angular should round out what I need from a programming standpoint. As far as tools go, I feel like Chrome, Photoshop, and Sublime are all I need to be honest.

Bootstrap uses some angular as well.

I use Adobe Edge Code (like Sublime) it is good too.

David, a lot of the time designers are paid more so to think…and then executive.

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