What do you do when you get stuck?

What do you do when you get stuck with an actionscript problem and it stops the whole project from moving forward? How long does it take you to resolve this issue and how do you get it resolved?

A tactic I sometimes use is to isolate the issue and break it out to a new stand alone file so I can work on the problem where it is simplified, and not confused by not being surrounded by extraneous code and assets.

It’s always worth considering different ways of carrying out the function that is problematic, there’s rarely only one way of doing something, sometimes a problem can be bypassed entirely by some lateral thinking.

Usually if I come across something like this, after spending way too much time on it I will, in this order:

  • Start the task again from scratch, thinking of new logic or another way to get around the issue - I find it’s best to start with a clean slate here, as old AS code will only steer me in a certain direction
  • Go back to the design/designer and see if the task can be modified or simplified to something that will work - I often find that tasks which are hard to code and get working right are often too complex to be usable and robust anyway
  • Scrap the design completely (in consultation with the designer) and try to think up an alternative that will fulfill the same needs

I go to washroom. sit over there for 15-20 mins, get relaxed and a great solution suddenly comes into my mind. its true :slight_smile:

  1. Get up and walk away. Do something else (or nothing at all) for a while. Maybe even take a nap or sleep on it. Let your subconscious chew on the problem for a little while.
  2. Break it off into a simpler problem, like EastCoast said.
  3. Start the simpler problem from scratch
  4. Post the simpler problem on a programming forum for help.