What do you do to get more Facebook likes?

I’m always wondering which technique people use… i know it’s not that hard to gain more likes after you got like your first 1000, but how do you begin? What was your strategy? And what is the best strategy?

For example, i once heard someone said on a forum that you should upload videos on Facebook and not put a url from Youtube on your Facebook page, because when you upload them directly you get a “Like this Facebook page” in the top… but never tested this out if it really works :slight_smile: So share me your strategy!

I use the technique of creating something worthwhile. People tend to click on the like button because they actually like it. If you work on quality of content, in time you will be successful. Think of likes as a measure of the quality of your content. Obviously, tell a few friends, and if they like it, they will share with others.

I think make a group in fb about your page details and invite people to join.

I would agree with dvduval on this one. Provide original and quality content and people will reward it

i don’t felt a different between put a vid on youtube and directlyon facebook… i never think to get more likes. i just posting and add some video… and share it. and some people will like it.

Yes, it’s not that hard to gain more likes after you got likes your first 1000. But you have to begin the Likes,

  1. You can invite your Friends, people you know
  2. You can send email regarding your page by using an option in Facebook “invite Friends through Email”
  3. You can invite ur clients to like ur page.
  4. Run Contests
  5. Update the page with fresh content daily.
  6. Engage your Visitors
  7. Analyze your Page
  8. You can add your website link to the Facebook tab Page(If u have a website)
  9. If u have an offers or events update them in Facebook

By using these techniques you can increase the Facebook Likes…All the Best.

For free increasing Facebook likes you just have to make new friends and suggest them your page also you can create group and share your page and post over the group.

Through Page advertising you can promote your page by paying some amount.

We have tried Facebook Ad once, it somewhat helps…but one thing is a little weird, the increasing Facebook fans doesn’t mean increasing traffic…

The best you can do that increase some fans for FB and give more priority to discounts, offers, etc. of your product/service. I hope you will get good traffic.

What I usually do is to find pages that share the same interest with me and find out how they interact with their target audience. Most of the time, determining what people would want to see is a great option.

Use other platforms that allow your content to be shared on facebook. For example, if you are using linkedin, there is an option there where you can share to your facebook page the things you share in linkedin. In this way, you can have multiple channels in providing contents to your audience.

Follow people that share the same interest. This is one of the most basic but effective ways in building a reputation through social media. Make them know you so that they will share the contents you share. This takes a long time before you can benefit but really effective.

The best and fastest technique is using Facebook Ads. I am not a supporter of it but it does bring decent results. You need to learn how to set up your campaign and have something of great quality to promote. The likes will follow naturally after.

I have a Facebook fun page. Everyday i posted there lot of information. But the like and comments is few. How can i increase? call me details…

Hi bluepen,

Thank you for asking.

Here are a few of my tips that don’t necessarily require you to spend money unless you outsource the work:

Host a Contest -

Have a hosted contest on your Facebook page. The contest can have any prize that is related to your blog’s topic.

Post Engaging Images -

Add a large image to every status you write on your Facebook page and add a link to the article that you have written on that exact image.

Ask Others to Share your Facebook Page -

Become friends with other bloggers that are predominant on Facebook and slowly build their trust.

After sharing a few of their posts and had a few discussions, pop them the question, “Could you please share my Facebook page on Facebook?”

More than likely, they will share your Facebook page and if they don’t, don’t sweat it.

I hope that helps you a little!

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I think its worth to post daily a quality content about your services and make the news is informative to the visitors so that they will only like it. Use #tags while posting that may helps in getting visitors so if your content is fresh then likes also will increase.

keep sharing valuable content, video, images, article etc. if you succeeded to impress the visitor they will like the page. join groups and share the page details. you can also use twitter, send the Facebook like page to followers and ask to visit and like.

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Thanks to all who contributed.