What do you call someone who owns/runs a website?

Hi there,

I am writing a little bio about myself for a website I run and wanted to title the section up as something like “About the…” but need some ideas on what to call myself!

Can anyone suggest some words/titles of someone that owns/runs/designs websites? I’m thinking of the obvious, “webmaster” but wanted something a bit more different/quirky.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be great!


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‘quirky’ titles just make me think you don’t like your job. “I’m not a janitor, i’m a hygiene technician!”
Either your title becomes eye-roll material, or you’ve made it so quirky that noone actually understands what your title means.


The first word that pops into mind for most web site owners is ‘Wally’ :slight_smile:

If you developed and ran the site then Web Developer sounds better to me than the old fashioned webmaster.


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Let the reader make up their own mind.


I remember website owners used to refer to themselves as “Webmaster” but I think that looks pretty dated now. There are lots of options and I think it depends on exactly what your site is and what you’re doing. But if it’s purely a title to reflect you are the owner of the website, I’d just keep it simple: Site Owner or Website Administrator (I quite like the latter, it’s more understated).

You could also be a bit informal and jokey: Website Emperor or (e.g.) Site Overlord @ example.com

Mostly you won’t have to use the title. I wouldn’t put it on the homepage or anywhere, just in correspondence. People generally don’t care who owns it, more likely help from some specific department.

Dom :slight_smile:

Two obvious ideas in mind:

  • Webmaster
  • Website owner


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