What do I need for database replication?

what will I need for database replication?

which techniques do I need to know for implementing a database replication?
Which replication model do i need to use for online offline webCMS?

It’s about mysql replication.

Have you tried mysqldump?

Making a Copy of a Database

Or you could try phpMyAdmin or Workbench if you have those.

if i edit offline will it update online database?

with master master replication?

OK, I thought this was a different issue than your other topic.

You’re not looking for “copy” or “replication”, you’re looking for what your other topic is about - synchronization

Is replication not the same as synchronization? I am confused now, because Some users in other site said that replicate is same as synchronization

Well, it might be my definition is different from others, but to me replication is a “snapshot” of the database at that point in time.

Synchronization is to ensure 2 (or more) databases have the same data.

I guess you could make copies of one and use it to update another, but that isn’t something I’d like to do on a regular basis.

And if it involved quickly changing information (eg. availability of a product) it would not work at all
You wouldn’t want someone to place an order thinking it was in stock only to later find out it wasn’t

Oke and which one do you prefer for next example:

There are 2 databases:
Db A and Db b

They got same tables with same Rows.

Db A is online and Db B for offline Where users can put data which Will updated to Db A.

If user 1 adds/updates a row in DB B it Will be adres to DB A when there is network.

I think there can be used synchronization as replication.depends which one you want to use. Both are likely same: same date on more servers.

Am i wrong?

If you’re talking online and offline it depends.

If by offline you mean your computer for development purposes, then getting a fresh updated copy from time to time should be fine.

If you mean “as in an app”, then it would be more like “online database” ↔ “localstorage database”
This would be much more involved as to the best of my knowledge localstorage databases are unlikely to be the same database engine as the online database (at least if the online database is MySQL)
And it wouldn’t be replication as much as it would be “taking the information from one and putting it into another when possible”

Hmm, webapplication that Will connect localhost when network is offline(cache manifest checking if user is connecties to network). Which Will be in mysql.

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