What difference alexa backlink and webmaster backlink?

hallo i am newbie
I am just learning blogging, i need explanation, why the number of backlinks is different between webmaster google and alexa? ( i have 71 backlinks in webmaster google and 36 backlinks in alexa) beg explanation. thanks a lot

Nobody can tell you for sure how many backlinks you have. The figures you are seeing are only estimates. Google will give you a better estimate than Alexa, because it has more data to work with. But it’s still only an estimate. Even Google doesn’t know about every link from every site on the web.

I suggest you stop worrying about the number backlinks you have. Just focus on creating a high-quality blog, and the links will come.


Thanks Mike,
I have learned a lot from you and this forum.
when I was googling a lot of articles about it and this is not entirely true.
many people suggest to hunt a link from a high PageRank to improve rankings and traffic without much emphasis on the quality of the content of the blog.
After I joined this forum I changed my mind

Good - I’m glad we’ve been able to help. :slight_smile:

One thing you need to bear in mind is that SEO has changed radically over the years. People used to try all kinds of tricks to improve their rankings, and at the time, those tricks worked. However, the search engines - understandably - didn’t like being manipulated in this way, and have improved greatly in recent years, so that those old tricks are no longer effective. When you’re reading articles on the Internet, be sure to check the date they were written. Advice given several years ago may have been good at the time, but may well be irrelevant or potentially damaging now.

very difficult to learn seo, the rules are always changing, if so is there any reference other than alexa to knowing web performance?

besides quality blog content, whether for link building is still important today?

Register your site with Google Webmaster Tools, if you haven’t already, and with Bing Webmaster Tools, to give you an additional source of information.

However, the main indication of how well your site is performing is in your conversion rate. In other words, how many visitors to your site are doing whatever it is you want them to do there, whether that’s buying something, leaving a message on your blog, or whatever. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how many sites have more visitors than yours (which is mainly what Alexa measures). What matters is whether you have enough visitors for your purpose, and whether your conversion rate is good.

One site I manage has been online for four years, and doesn’t even have an Alexa ranking, (“We don’t have enough data to rank this website”), but the business owner couldn’t care less, because he’s getting plenty of business through the site, and at times is close to having to turn people away because he’s so busy. Does it matter to him if several million sites have more visitors than his? No. :slight_smile:

Very true. That’s why I advised you to ignore SEO, and just get on with creating the best possible blog.

Personally, I’ve stopped worrying about backlinks. The only time I look at my backlink reports in Google Webmaster Tools is out of curiosity, to see what other sites are saying about mine.


I’ve registered my blog in Google and Bing webmaster tools,
My blog visitors are not commenting on the blog, they prefer to call directly to inquire products
Visitors got a reference from the search engines, so I tried to keep my blog keywords should be a good position in SERP
Only one goal, I want to get more potential customers from blog, therefore I learn
some people say you have to fight with competitors in a way one of them is SEO to winning keywords with good SERP
thank a lots to Mike and TechnoBear for suggestion

hi Mike, i followed all of your conversation on this post. i agree with your point . Instead of thing too much about backlinks and create good quality content or blog. create quality content that people will share by them self and talk about it. but what to do when website is static and does not have blog section?

It makes no difference. As far as content vs. backlinks is concerned, a blog is no different from any other site. Whether the site is updated every day, or has mainly static content, it is still more important to focus on producing quality content than on worrying about things that are beyond your direct control.


To check backlinks I recommend using services like Ahrefs and Majestic SEO. These are services that provide the most in-depth backlink reports in the industry. Relying solely on alexa and even Google webmaster tools is not advised as they don’t show close to the number of links pointed to a website.

let me clear the misconception of webmaster and alexa backlink, webmaster is your real backlink alexa is default. we just forced to webmaster its enough. It auto pick ranking no one can give exact example of alexa backlink or might you can use paid account of alexa you can get better knowledge if you want.

thank everyone for some clear explanation