What Design Pattern can one use on this specific scenario ? Factory?

We are developing a basic back-end app where people can admin their News, Events, Home Page Highlights, etc… The problem arrives on the following scenario:

The client (a nursery garden for example) tell us: Beside News, Events, etc… I wish to also manage the Plants of this specific type unique on our Nursery Garden.
Of course we can well create a model for that on the back-office but, if we do so:

Issue 1) we have trash our application with some specific stuff that will, almost certainly, not be used by anyone else besides this client;

Issue 2) If 100 more clients arrive requesting 3 or 6 specific pages to be administrated, this trash get’s event worst.

Can I please request what could be, on your opinion, a proper design pattern to apply here ?

Thanks in advance

This is generally referred to as creating a plugin framework. You’ll end up using lots of design patterns to make it work in the end.

thks. Not sure if I totally got your answer.
I was not aware of tjat name, Plugin Framework
I will search it out.np

I’m sure one will need several design patterns for doing the all thing.
I’m Just asking where should I look at regarding this specific case.

Hello again,

Perhaps Plugin Framework isn’t what we should look at.
We already use a framework to develop this “barebone application” if we may called this way.
We will implement this “barebone application” on each client host depending of their requirements.

Since, and despite the all common things that they almost all share, like news, events, hightlights on homepage and contact form, we need to find a way to deal with the specific pages they request to have on their site.

Since we are using an MVC approach, and the point of using an MVC structure is also, to allow easy scalability, can we add a new table and model to that specific case and forget about an “automated” way for doing so ?

Please advice anything.