What crypto is the best to buy?

Good afternoon! I wanted to ask if it is still possible to make money on cryptocurrency or is it already unrealistic? Which coin is better to buy and is there a good service for this? Thank you in advance for your response.

Is it possible to make money? Sure of course. Like all markets it has its ups, downs, and crashes. It is all about getting in low and selling high. Of course you need to do your research on how the crypto is managed and go with well respected traders.

Warning: But do keep in mind that crypto is highly speculative and very very volatile. This volatility is often what makes you money but can also cause you to lose everything. Make smart investments and again do your research. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Want to know what currencies and markets are out there? Just pull up some charts. Here is one I quickly found… but there are many. I don’t endorse any currency or traders.

If it was easy then everyone would profit from it.

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Sounds like a shill prompt for a spammer… so there will undoubtedly be a lot of accounts banned from this thread… save your spam for somewhere else.

Why are you asking for financial advice on a forum about web development? Go ask a financial expert. There are none of those here; or at least, none that would be silly enough to give actual advice in a forum like this.


if you new in crypto try buy cheapest coin to make safe your investment. because small amount of investment don’t financially. but it can reward you if its grow.

Agreed. Thread is closed.