What conversion rates could I expect from mobile devices?

Perhaps a bit late in the century, but the issue of mobile device support has been rearing its head around the office of late. We’ve never really made any special consideration to these visitors, and they just see our main e-commerce (buying physical goods) site, which is pretty heavy, both in terms of lots of images, and the physical size of the layout.

Looking at conversion rates & bounce rates on google analytics, our non-mobile bounce & conversion rates are 49% & 2%. For Mobile devices it’s 55% and 1%. Should/could I expect/get better?

Of course, within Google’s categorisation of mobile devices comes tablet devices, for which the issue of small/not very powerful devices doesn’t really apply (51% & 1.5% on ipad, so bad), so I started to drill down into other devices. Some of the conversion rates I’m getting are zero.

But how much is it possible to improve conversion rates on mobiles, for example with a mobile-specific site design? I’m thinking that people with small & not powerful devices may not be inclined to buy online anyway, regardless of putting a mobile-orientated site in front of them. And a lot of people won’t be comfortable putting in credit card details. I’m considering putting a phone number on the site for mobile devices (we don’t normally display it), and making a bigger deal of non-credit card payment methods like paypal etc.

Anyone care to share their experience of conversion rates on their mobile-specific sites, compared to their non-mobile sites?

I can’t give you any firm figures for this (and I don’t suppose anyone else can either). But mobile conversion rates are almost certainly going to be below those for full-screen devices. After all, most of us will use a mobile device to check our location, look for a nearby restaurant, send a quick email - but not for serious e-commerce transactions like booking flights or buying clothes. Your point about being uncomfortable entering credit card details is also valid.

That said, it’s likely you’d improve your conversion rate with a mobile-specific version of your site. But whether it would be worth the effort is difficult to say.


If anything, it’ll only get worse if you don’t take it in to special consideration. In the past few months we’ve been taking special considerations for mobile devices in everything we do, and our clients have been noticing. We are in a completely different industry than you though.

However, I can tell you for sure, if it changes at all, it will only get worse as more uses use mobile devices. A lot of the interfaces we use on desktops don’t translate well.

I’m sure it will. However, putting forward a business case for the not-insignificant development work may depend on getting some idea how much difference it makes. If that’s even possible.:smiley:

It’s not without doing it. =p Every business is super different and it’s too new a technology to have any real reference points.

However, there are many things that are just a little work that can be done to retrofit most sites to work pretty easily.