What code editor can support all languages and you can set up custom domains and is free? 😀

I have been using glitch.com but it can not support PHP and a bunch of other languages and wort of all their files are a crazy link that you can’t even customize! I want a NEW code editor that supports all languages and you can set up custom domains and is free. Pls, Help me I am getting impatient.

I don’t use online editors, so I can’t recommend any. What I always used and I still like to this date is Notepad++.


Some free editors are listed here:

Also see Mozilla Dev about what tools are needed for web development:

My personal favorite since many years is PSPad for Windows. I’m still using it as a light weight IDE under Wine in Linux.

Does it support your own domains you bought?

Not sure what you mean?

You can specify different projects to also update files on a server.
E.g. you can work on a local website and update the live site from.

You seem to be asking here not for a “code editor” but for some kind of website builder with free hosting which also allows you to use custom code and your own domains.

I have no idea if such a thing exists, but I think you’ll find few if any members here using such a thing.

You could look into Netlify and GitHub pages for free hosting, but I think you’ll need to download a code editor and develop locally to make any real progress.


What you are looking for seems to be a full online IDE. Here are a few I can recommend:

(Glitch.com also does support PHP, try this project.)

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Is it OK if I remove these files?




and the project will still support PHP?

opp it still works but I did not remove the glitch.json or the website will not work

You shouldn’t go deleting files without good reason. Some of those will certainly be needed.

I removed the files about the “future dreams” which was not needed but the CSS seemed NOT to be working when I added my own code

I have been using Dream weaver and notepad c++ software. There are number of other open source editor software available, check this https://www.winosbite.com/best-free-html-editor-software/

Is it ONLINE software as I said

Actually, you didn’t say. smile

Some people have worked out that that seems to be what you want, but you didn’t actually say so. It helps to be as clear as possible when asking your question.


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