What cms do you guys recommend for a political site?

currently, we use joomla to run a VERY large political site that gets between 3-4 million hits a year, but it loads fairly slow on a dedicated server. looking for something that is quicker. I’ve tried modx and wasn’t crazy about their module and template system.

what do you guys recommend?

I’m looking for something thats:
1- quick
2- has good seo
3- easy to use plugin system
4- easy to use template system


Go for Drupal, you can learn the reasons why a huge political site Crooks and Liars migrate to drupal in this case study.

If Joomla is doing everything you want and you know it and are comfortable with it maybe it needs to be optimized for speed. Perhaps the server needs to be tuned up for better load optimization.

All of what I call “industrial strength” CMS packages will load up the server because they have a lot more to do that just serve content. Often times there are many things that go on in the background and various areas are exposed to the developer to exploit and customize. As a result, you use more memory and bandwidth.

Joomla has historically had some performance issues as illustrated in this older performance shootout (Drupal 6.1 vs Joomla 1.5). They may have worked out the issues but (I am biased towards Drupal and) have had extremely good results with aggressively cached Drupal sites with compressed html, css, & javascript. The more modules and add-ons you bring into the mix the more things load up but I’ve had moderately equipped Drupal sites load as if they were static HTML.

Actually the more I searched “Joomla Drupal Comparison”, the more instances I found where people had run both systems and found that Joomla had a speed disadvantage. Here are a couple more opinions I found:
IBM Consultant
Cafe Webmaster

I believe you should stick with what you are using. All the points are covered with Joomla if you know how to handle it.

Wordpress or Drupal, Joomla has poor SEO and the code is a mess and then I’m not even talking about the security…

Wordpress has an excellent backend plus the download package offers a lot of basics. Drupal is more meant for the complex websites, then I’m talking about the larger websites like social websites. Drupal is a very flexible system it offers you to customize EVERYTHING!