What can you do with codeigniter that you cant with wordpress?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to add this post.

But I’ve search everywhere I specific example why I should learn codeigniter when I already know php and Wordpress.

Is there anything that I can add on website using codeigniter that I cannot implement using Wordpress example If I am asked to build exact same site one using wordpress and the other codeigniter what can I do with codeigniter that I wouldnt be able to with Wordpress Backend and Front end??

I don’t think either limits what you can do. After all, both CI and WP are themselves just PHP code. A better question is: Which one makes your job easier? And the answer to that depends on what kind of site you’re trying to build. WP is a CMS and probably better suited for static sites where the owner wants a WYSIWYG interface. Whereas CI is a framework and probably better suited for applications with custom requirements.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Probably asking to much but do you happen to know any site that has applications with custom requirements codeigniter that I can see? if not I still understand what you mean.
thanks once again

On the CodeIgniter homepage, look at the bottom right, under the heading “Built on CodeIgniter.”