What can i do to increased traffic on my web site....?

hello Guys…!

Please Help me to increased traffic on my web site…:slight_smile:

Hello discoverindia,

To bring traffic on your website, you would need to promote it online. More the website will be visible to users, more the traffic your website will receive.

How to bring traffic?

  1. Free Advertising
    a. SEO - On-page and Off-page optimization.

On-page includes meta tags i.e. meta title, meta description and meta keywords. Once you have set this, you can go for Off-page optimization
Off-page optimization includes classified ad posting, blog commenting, link building, link exchanges, forum posting, blog writing, content posting, article submission, blog submission, directory submission etc.

  1. Paid Advertising/Traffic:
    a. Advertise in Google Adwords (CPC advertising / CPM advertising)
    b. Advertise in Bing ads.
    c. Facebook advertising
    d. LinkedIn Advertising.

If you follow any of the above advertising technique, you will start getting traffic.

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What work have you done so far, and how effective has it been? The more information you can give us about what you’ve already tried, the more helpful the replies are likely to be. At the moment, the question is so vague that, as you can see, people are likely to respond simply with a list of tasks, which is not necessarily very helpful - especially if you’ve already tried some or most of them.

Market your site through creating backlinks. Use adwords, facebook PPC to get targeted and paid traffic.

Which neatly demonstrates the point that TechnoBear made in post #4.


To increase traffic to your website,
you have to follow the SEO (Onpage,Offpage) techniques. Those techniques are explained above. And another powerful tool is Social Networking. Just create a page in Facebook,twitter,Linked in etc…and tell your followers to like the page and follow the page. Update your page daily with relevant to website. So by this way you can increase visitors to your website.

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