What can be run along side with adsense?

I am looking for another kind of advertisers that enable me to run together along side with adsense. Any ideas or suggestion? my traffic is good!

should i use affiliates like CJ or another cpm advertisers like cpx?


Yeah sure, try either or both of them and see whcih you like. You can run plenty of affiliate stuff along with Adsense, just stay away from pop-up ads.

Chitika ads can run on the same page as Adsense, for what it’s worth.

What niche is your site in if I may ask

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I would like to recommend you don’t use any other advertising network there.Instead of it you may sell ad space from your site which is more beneficial and can generate more revenue for you in a quick time.

You can probably use CJ or Clickbank if you like. And also try other CPM advertisers. The more you promote the more sales you could have. I can advice that you may as well make you own business page on facebook. I suggest not buying any fans like what others were doing but rather create applications like games and any stuff related to your product and service. In that way, your fans will be your subscriber as well. I hope this help.

You can generate good money by offering places for banner on home page and inner pages. These adverts are based on CPM so it will give you more revenue as compare to adsense.