What can anyone tell me about the title, "UI Engineer"?

I’m coming to terms that I’m always behind in regards to the web development industry. That’s probably because I have too many hobbies. Sigh. Anyway, I’m here to catch up again. What is a UI Engineer? Here’s what I do sort of know:

  • It’s likely a business-focused, buzzwordy, job title
  • It relates UI design with some aspect of front-end development.

Part of the reason I ask is because I’ve come across two job opportunities looking for a UI Engineer and I’ve never heard of it before. I’m a pretty hybrid, technologist and designer. If the term “UI Engineer” effectively describes my skill set, I’d like to start using it. If I understand it.

Any thoughts on that? The main part of it that is vague to me is the variation on “front-end development”. I’ve seen at least a couple of opportunities that do not emphasize that aspect at all.

Sounds like a Front-end engineer with a dose of User experience to me.

This might help, though there are plenty of pages branching off it that are related, but I’d read it much like Chris did

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