What aspects of HTML5 are replacing Flash?

Everyone is saying that flash design is dead for websites. Besides the issue of compatibility with “iDevices”, why else should flash be kicked out the designer’s door?

Because search engines can’t read it. And also accessibility is horrible. One, you assume everyone has flash, and two, those who are blind can’t have their screen readers get it.

Because it’s just horrible.

Apart from not working on iGadgets and iThingummies, there are plenty of other phones that don’t support it, Google will often struggle with it, and accessibility technology is likely to burst into tears.

And there’s more. Even assuming you are using a fully functional PC that has the latest version of Flash installed, it’s horrible. It completely breaks all expectations of the user interface for a website. The right-click context menu doesn’t work, so you can’t open links in a new tab/window. You usually can’t bookmark or link to individual pages or states. You won’t be able to copy text to paste it into another application. You almost certainly won’t be able to print it. The back button will normally take you right back out of it. The normal scrollbar is typically replaced by alternative scrolling mechanisms, not always obvious. In other words, everything you usually do when browsing a website brings you up against a brick wall, and you have to do things completely differently. People hate that, and as often as not will just leave the site in disgust/frustration, even if they are technically able to access it.