What areas of SEO do you most enjoy?

hi friends, What areas of SEO do you most enjoy?

the high serps from not actually doing any off-site seo

I enjoyed forum posting and blog commenting techniques of seo so much.Forum posting are going to be very usefull for me in increasing my knowledge.

I am very much interested in “Keyword Ranking”… It’s good but tough job to bring your targeted competitive keyword in the first position of search engines… But i could say it is possible…

I’ve been doing more of the off-page optimization ever since, and I have to say that I’m really having fun when I get to interact with people. There are some who would think that off-page optimization would involve just plain leaving links on websites. I look at it as an opportunity to get in touch with other people just like what I’m doing here in Sitepoint and all of the other forums I’m in. The same goes with the blogs where I leave my comments.

Sometime we need to experiment with for concluding which method will work better for which site (different niches). Sometimes forums posts and sometime the social bookmarking works better compared to other methods. Blog commenting is the hardest part as intensive research is needed to find the quality and relevant blogs. Rest of the methods are all good.

yeah, but did you answer the original question? (hint: no)

None. What I do enjoy is crafting well-constructed sites that host the content to its best advantage, and as a result garnering high Google rankings in an organic manner. What I hate is people tossing off badly constructed sites with all kinds of SEO doodads hanging off the code in the futile expectation that Google will be fascinated by the bright, shiny SEO tchotchkes and vault that site higher in the rankings than sites which actually serve their clients and their users.

Directory Submission & Social Book Marking were those areas of SEO whom I enjoy the most.

I am mainly focus of keyword analysis and keyword placement or onpage optimization.