What are your thoughts on CSS Grid?

Have you started using it? I am finding it quite complex.

Personal Quote as a joke: If I have to spend so much brain power for doing CSS then shouldn’t I spend that on learning Python? :smiley:

I tried using a grid once and gave up; as you say too complicated and the file size is huge from memory.

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It’s early days for me and only played around with it a few times.

I must admit that on first impressions I’m not liking it much although I like what it does:)

I get the feeling that once you’ve built a page with it and come back to it a few weeks later you won’t have a clue how to change it or update it. Usually when I look at website I can visualise the code used but with grid it’s much more difficult.

I think its one of those things that only constant use and familiarity will eventually bring enlightenment:)

I had similar problems with flexbox at the start but eventually got the hang of it (mostly).


Hi there littlebirdy,

What are my thoughts on CSS grid?

My preference is for pages to start in the north and work their
way south in an orderly fashion.

I find that HTML will do this perfectly well on all devices.

If the content is good there really is little need for CSS.

Perhaps a little dab here and a little dab there.

The problems start when the content is poor or non-existent.

This is where arty farty Web designers and SEO scammers step
in to convince the unwary that they can dress their non-existent
content into beautiful eye catching works of art.

CSS grids and other innovations bring to mind the tale of…

The Emperors New Clothes


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My take on CSS grids is that they lose their mojo when it comes to mobile devices and since 80% of today’s web traffic is done by mobile devices it basically learning something that’s going to hinder you in your development.

there seems to be a lot of stats about mobile at the moment but they need to be interpreted carefully. My boss was telling someone the other day that over 50% of our web traffic was mobile. When i looked at the stats only ~25% was ‘mobile’ phones and the other ~25% was tablets. A fair few tablets (most?) are similar to desktops in what they can display. So 75% of our website users would probably benefit from this.

So probably best to check your user stats and see how it benefits your site depending on how your visitors are viewing your site.

I have little to no experience with Grid so whether it is good, bad or ugly i haven’t had chance to look yet.


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I think you misunderstood the title of the thread and the OP is talking about the CSS grid module not grids as in frameworks.:slight_smile:

The CSS grid module will be just as useful for mobile devices as it can re-order content more easily and without harming the html.

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yep i realise it was CSS grid module, i think i wrote that in an odd way sorry. Looking into it a bit, as you say, i can’t see why this would cause an issue on mobile and if it does with a few media queries i’m pretty confident you could revert to other css methods at certain screen sizes if truly needed.

I had a read of this https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/complete-guide-grid/ and it seems to make sense, although i haven’t actually put pen to paper and tried to use it.

As @coothead says though it does as always depend on what your site is doing. I tend to try and follow the thought of doing something simple well, rather than complicated badly. Doesn’t always work though :wink:

If it doesn’t work, then it is highly probable that…

“trying to doing something complicated well, rather than simple badly.”

…will result in abject failure. :banghead: :rofl:


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