What are your initial thoughts?

Hell friends,

Just a sort of curiosity i am asking this that

“What are your initial thoughts when see a police at the doorstep of your neighbors?”

My first thought would be ‘crap, hope they have the right address and aren’t looking for ME’.

OMG, what’s the matter with my neighbours? Anybody do anything illegal? How terrible it is!

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Can you please elaborate on the motivation behind this question? Thank you :slight_smile:

As far as I remember, the policemen stopped by and asked for a direction or a specific address. Of course at first, we’re shocked lol:D

I’m actually “encouraged” AND “enthused” by this post. Thank you for it, court reporting!
My first thoughts are (in order):

  1. Soliciting donations for the F.O.P.
  2. Advising you that you will have to pay for the replacement of the cracked segments of sidewalk in front of your house.
  3. Inviting you–You HOTTIE!!–to the Policeman’s Ball.
    It’s only if I see lights blazing, and cuffs proferred, that I wonder if your Ex has finally gone over the edge.

Maybe: “Grab the popcorn, let’s see what happens”?

Hi Mizwizzy,

The enthusiasm behind it to find out the different people’s approach when they come across with the matter related with legal issues. Mostly people don’t like that policemen visit his/her house or neighbor’s.It is a enthusiasm behind this post.

Immediately assume they were getting busted for some horrible crime of humanity like having one pot plant over the legal limit on their balcony or something (here the limit’s 5).

Ah, actually depends on where I am. Back when I lived on the edge of the ghetto I could assume it was a domestic dispute OR a cop at the door asking people for witness quotes.

Where I live now, I hardly ever see cops so if I had time I suppose I’d go do ForceFlow’s popcorn thing. Except popcorn sticks between my teeth. Bleh.


As for me, well… I don’t really know what I’d think. I’d probably think, “Oh, why’s there a policeman at my neighbor’s doorstep?”.

I’m creative like that.