What are you thinking at the moment?

Ok as I type this, this thread I started has 39687 replies on another forum (that is 2835 pages). So Im just seeing what its like here.
People just talk a load of crap in it.

Ok. Well im heading out now so i hope it will be a good night!
Anyone else up to anything?

It will get good PR surely.

Hmm, how windy it is now :slight_smile:

Now i am thinking of going for a film in this weekend. My friend said that it is a great film that everyone must see. It is a Malayalam film named “Pazhassiraja”. The subject of this movie is historical.

I was thinking of a good reason why this thread will never achieve ‘good PR’

I hope I don’t have to go to work again tonight, I have so much to do here at home

[FONT=“Georgia”]I’m thinking that the movement through Time is an inflation of Space, and that ‘Dark Energy’ is really an effect of that inflation (much the same way that Gravity is an effect of Space being warped by Matter).


thinking about the holidays in December… well, its still far away but the preparations should have gone on it s ways weeks ago… I mean its not easy trying to catch Santa…lol

I’m thinking if I should eat at this moment or just continue working? Hmmmmm…

Wondering why I can’t find decent items for this online game- Diablo II.

What to do next?

I’m thinking about how every Monday feels a little different…

im thinkin that most of these comments are abit sad… :rolleyes: sigh

Uhh, the weather is finally a bit cooler. Fine clear air… That is what I was thinking just now. Oh, and do not forget to buy the gallon of flat white paint today, and the wood fill.

Thinking that when I will be able to go for an adventure travel.

Thinking…whether I will get a reply from one of the persons in the above list of users to whom I made a visitor message…lol

It’s kinda cold right now.

why am i posting in this thread lol

I forgot what I posted here, so just came to check :P.

my lottery tickets. I hope that they will bring me the big money.

i really have to start reinstalling my programs again instead of checking in on SP !!!