What are you Grateful for Today?

I am grateful that everything is fine.


money came to my account.:slight_smile:

I am grateful because i made a few sales on one of my websites. I know it is not much, but at least something is working right.

i`m greatful of having great familly and my little daughter and also having a cool job.

I am grateful to my family and my friend who is with me in all circumstances.

Full rest from today.

I m thankfull for every thing in my life i got and i loss as well because i have always learn form that.

I’m grateful for my family because that’s all that matters

Got relief from back pain and lower abdomen pain

A chance to do whatever I want. I have always prohibited myself from the things I wanted to do as I always wanted a very realistic and practical way of living. I forgot how to enjoy life and the things it can offer. I woke up one day and realized I still have the time to change things for the better. I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful for the wonderful weather we had this weekend!

Actually for the small things. This morning I met an old man in the bus and we talked about the book I was reading. It was a pretty happy and satisfied man who told me some things he experienced. I was glad to get to know those interesting things and he was glad to have someone to speak to, I guess.

Today all the day busy and finished with a treat and celebrations in home

just about everything.
From family. To job, to a simple glass of clean water.

Went for checkup.Nice health now.

I am grateful to my friends and my family.!!

My mother in law prepared my favorite dish.

I am grateful for having a beautiful baby, great family and friends.

today when i was going to office got stuck in the traffic and the rain started but i was enjoying that i don’t know why but it was awesome.

Today my friends birthday nice celebration with sweets.