What are these options in htacess?

Hi guys Ive got this in my htaccess file and id like to know whether this is good or bad and that these options mean.

Options -MultiViews +FollowSymlinks -Indexes
RewriteEngine On


MultiViews is an option that will for example serve foo.php when /foo is requested. This is quite unpredictable and I personally don’t like it. This minus in front means the option is disabled, which is good :+1:

Symlinks are like references in one part of the filesystem to another part. This option means Apache is allowed to follow those, which is generally a good idea :+1:

When this is enabled and a user hits a directory that doesn’t have an index file (like index.html, index.php, etc) it shows a directory listing. You generally don’t want this because it can pose a security risk, so having this disabled is good :+1:

This enables Apache’s RewriteEngine to rewrite URLs. On it’s own this line doesn’t do anything, it just allows RewriteRule and RewriteCond directives.


Great amazing thanks so much.

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