What are the requirements to learn asp.net?

Hey guys just wanted to know what are the requirements to learn asp.net i mean i know that you need to know any .net language ( i am for C#). But do u need to also know xhtml, CSS and all other stuff. Thanks

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You don’t have to know it, but having experience with it will help you to shape the output you want to see, plus it will make it easier to know which control to use.

A good Web application developer needs to know a lot more than just his or
her favorite development language to be effective. In fact, C# or Visual Basic
is just the starting point. you also must know how to handle page layout with
HTML. you need to know how to create, manage, and implement interface styling
with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). JavaScript will also be required if you intend to
write your own client-side functionality for your Web pages. you might also need
to understand Extensible Markup Language (XML), Web services, and database
programming. of course, you also need to know how all of these things work
together to form a single solution. The modern Web developer needs to know more
technologies (and be able to easily switch between them) than any other developer
in history. I think this is one of the reasons Web development is such a challenging,
fun, and rewarding experience. - Mike Snell

HTML, CSS sure would help you a lot if you are upto web development.

Html and CSS will make it a lot easier. Like stated above, knowing which control to use and why and how to manipulate the output to suite your needs. But it is not required. You can start by getting a basic asp.net book. I first learnt C#, and then html, css, js, etc. So start there and move on.

Patience, Dedication, Tylenol and Stimulates.