What Are The Default Margins For Links (and all CSS)

Sitepoint Members,
I want to put a little extra space vertically between links. When there’s no starting point (don’t know the default margins) it’s time consuming to work out via trial and error all four margins to look like what I want. What are the CSS default margins (top bottom left right) for links (and everything else in CSS) . If, for example, the default magins were 1 1 1 1 (whatever units) all I’d have to do is change it to 2 1 1 1 and see how it looks. Without knowing 1 1 1 1 you have no starting point. Using margin-top:2, would help a lot, but not knowing the default units, you might choose a unit different than the default. Do really want that? Defaults should be available someplace.



Links are inline elements, so they don’t have any margins. To apply margins to them, you’d need to set them to display: block … but that’s only useful if they are in something like a menu.

There are no standard default margins on block elements. Each browser has its own defaults … which is why it’s tempting just to zero out all margins in a single reset at the top of the style sheet.

Oh well. I have the zeroing out of margins.

Thanks Ralph.