What are the best ways to promote a Coming Soon Page (Pre Launch Signup Page)?

Hello guys, I hope all of you are doing well.

Well I am working on a project in a company. Currently we are working to design our pre launch signup page (coming soon page/squeeze page) and hope to be done with it soon. But I am confused about one thing which is very crucial. And that is how to promote a pre launch signup page (coming soon page/squeeze page) so we can catch the attention of early adopters and let them signup with their email address for further updates? I have gone through some blogs to get some better ideas but still I am confused because different people are using different methods.

Our platform will be a outsourcing marketplace and we have some unique value propositions. Our target audiences are startup focused technology entrepreneurs/companies.

I believe lots of experienced peoples are here to help me with this. If you have any question please let me know so we can make clear discussion.

Thanks in advance!

  • What is the niche ?
  • Your target audience ?
  • Your target country ?

You need to tell us more so that we can provide you concrete advice. Otherwise its a waste of your time and ours too …

Thanks for your reply. My niche is software and web development outsourcing, my target audiences are startup entrepreneur and target countries are USA, European countries.

Oh, i think first step is to go and register at betali.st

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Thanks. I will do that once I am done with pre launch signup page design. But can you tell some other ways?

When you are going to launch your start up ?

If this is after 2 - 3 months, than start contest on facebook, twitter and other relevant forums.

Be active on web development forums (search for google like “Powered by vBulletin” Web development) active not spamming

Search for blogs which write on web development and ask if they will help in your start up.

Look this will be a lot work, but if you need to get the superb opening than you need to do it.

Make an outline of every planning with the final goal which you want to achieve.

Trello.com is a good way to track your all planning.

Just keep on posting in social media, so it will be trending. You can also post in different sites.

Then the best thing you can do is to come up with some specific situations that relates to start up business and make a content based on it. For pre-launch pages, you can do video marketing especially if you are offering something that start up businesses would want.

What are the benefits that a start up business can get from your services?
Why they need your product/services?
Are those start up businesses can afford it? How about if they can’t?

Those are some of the examples of situations that you can use in creating a buzz.

You can take help of social media sites for promotion. You can post pre-launch videos and can write a brief overview over social networking sites like Youtube, Metacafe, Agryd, Vimeo. You can also write good articles, press releases and submit it to popular sites like Prlog, Agryd, GoArticles, Sbwire, etc.

The best way to start with is engaging with your possible fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

YouTube as well is a great start for many businesses. Video tape hight quality videos and promote them to gather initial fans and build your starting list.

As an owner of an Internet Marketing agency, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the best way around if you are running a coming soon page.

All the Best!