What are the best free tool to check the performance of an android application?

Looking for free ASO tool which helps me to find overall performance of my android application. Please help me to know more about this…

I’ve temporarily unlisted your topic, as it’s unclear what you’re asking or how it relates to Marketing.

Please can you clarify the question?

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My question is all about App store optimization (ASO) which is a part of digital marketing, that is the reason I have used this question in this category…

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Thank you for clarifying. It seems ASO can have many meanings, but “App Store optimization” wasn’t on that list.

If any body knows about ASO and best free tool which helps me to generate my application audit report please do help me…

Please check out this ‘apprankcorner’ website if it can help anyway.

I’m not really sure what exactly do you need. But anyway I’ve found a really good article (it’s second in google search if you type “app store optimization tools free”). I’m not sure if I can put a link here, but it’s from BusinessOfApps.com.
Here’s a link, if I’m allowed to put it.

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