What are the best free places to advertise?

What are the best free places to advertise?

tell me anyone…

Look this thread http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?613211-Best-Places-to-Advertise-for-Free

If you want to advertise your products the best place is the Social Networking sites or do the affiliate marketing.

Best and free places to advertise are social networking sites and the quality high PR classified sites. Both are beneficial having unique features of advertisement.

Sorry, but this is far too vague a question, and as you can see from the answers you’ve received, a simple search would have sufficed to answer the question. Please search (both the forums and via your favorite search engine), and if you’ve still got SPECIFIC questions, please feel free to repost.

(oh, and just for a personal opinion - you get what you pay for)

In the meantime, THREAD CLOSED.