What are the benefits of AMP in email marketing?

Well, I’m new on SitePoint and that’s why I first want to start off by saying hello to all members and thanking for your attention.

Are there some email marketing experts here? What you think about AMP-powered emails? I’m toying with the idea of launching email campaigns for my new eCommerce project (trading and finances niche), but I am not a pro in AMP. Is this worth it?

I’ve read a lot of articles about AMP and its flexible features. But I also heard that it does not bring a good open rate. Is it true? Thanks!

I’m no expert on APM, it’s not something I have looked in to too seriously, and admit I wasn’t aware “AMP for Email” was a thing. One reason for being surprised that it is (if indeed it is) is that a lot of Email clients are very much behind the times when it comes to dealing with more modern code styles, when compared to browsers.
Usually if I have to write code for HTML Emails, I code like it’s the 90s, just so it will look something like in all most Email clients.
That in mind, I would be surprised if it worked well in a lot of clients. Having said that, I do recall when reading about AMP, it does only allow a limited set of CSS to be used, so maybe that helps with “set in their ways” clients.

But if you want super-slim, super-quick, minimalist Emails, nothing beats plain text. Though I guess you want something much more fancy for marketing mail.