What are the basics for website creation?

I bought one site. Now I what to do first?

I’ll answer that with another question: what do you want to do?

What’s your website about?

Its about medical billing

And I am asking about design,images,google analytics.webmaster tools,site map,feed,etc…

Then what’s stopping you from creating the website?

As far as design and images, either you, or the developer you hire, should take care of that.

Google analytics - sign up here http://www.google.com/analytics/
Google webmaster tools - sign up here http://webmaster.google.com

Once your website is done, make your sitemap.

how to create xml site map?

I just googled a whole bunch of examples :wink: .

how many links we can create in xml sitemap?

Quote from Google Webmaster tools (answer found by Googling)

Sitemaps should be no larger than 10MB (10,485,760 bytes) in length when uncompressed and can contain a maximum of 50,000 URLs. This means that if your site contains more than 50,000 URLs or your Sitemap is bigger than 10MB, you must create multiple Sitemap files and use a Sitemap index file. You should use a Sitemap index file even if you have a small site but plan on growing beyond 50,000 URLs or a file size of 10MB.

Q: My site has tens of millions of URLs; can I somehow submit only those that have changed recently?

You can list the updated URLs in a small number of Sitemaps that change frequently and then use the lastmod tag in your Sitemap index file to identify those Sitemap files. Search engines can then incrementally crawl only the changed Sitemaps.

Thank You… :blush:

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