What are the areas of industry is java used for?


I’m retraining at the moment and getting ready in the near future sit the java programming certification exam. I’m interested to know where java is mostly used and were most of the employement oportunities lie at present?

I understand this is a how long is a String type question, (that was my first java related joke… and probably my last :smiley: ) but what are the new developing areas of java and what skill sets could set me apart from someone else apart from my joke telling skills :wink:

cheers guys


Most jobs in Java center around J2EE and some related technologies (hibernate, spring etc). But you can get an idea by simply browsing through your local jobs and seeing what they are requiring.

Honestly, not much “new” stuff is going on in Java-land. Java covers major portions of application development (business, web, mobile) and there’s just not much more room for it to grow. There are lots of improvements being made to existing Java-based frameworks and technologies though.

As for what you should learn, go with what you like. If you like web development, learn JSP and servlets and maybe a framework like Spring. If you want to do enterprise stuff look into what J2EE has to offer.

I recommend not having Java as your only language though. Learn another language in addition to it to help whatever your goal is. If you want to do web stuff, learn Perl or Python or Ruby or whatever in addition to Java. If you want desktop application development, you might benefit from learning C++ or C# too. Your ability to pick up new skills as you go is far more beneficial to your career than which set of buzzwords you know at a job interview.

For Webdevelopment JSP , Servelts and PHP.Software development would be JAVA.This would rule the near future.

Towards RUBY, i donot think it would be opted as all of the developers have their platform.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Are you saying Ruby won’t be picked up in as large of a number as Java/PHP? If so, so what?

I find that chasing only the most popular technology of the times leads you to be a commodity that’s easily replaceable.

Use the languages you like, get good at them, and jobs will follow.