What are some good soft music?

What are some good soft music? I like some soft music such as castle in the sky.
Can anyone give me recommendation?


i personaly like bryan adams



I’m not sure if it is “soft music” but she is definitely good - Colbie Caillat.

i will advice you to listen to Soft Music Webradio as there you will find a lot of channels and a lot of good music. i always listen to jazz there.

can you download freely soft music and classic music from websites in US?
in China we can download freely, no need to think of copyrights, should we feel shameful:(

lazy song Bruno mars actually most of his songs are good for that i like young wild and free oh and fireflies by owel city.

How about Adele’s 21 album? That is the album I play when I want to relax.

Kiss the rain

This never fails to make me cry.