What are other search engines except Google & Yahoo?


What are other search engines instead of Google & Yahoo? Can anyone tell me a list of these search engines so I can submit my websites to?

Thank you very much!

There are lots of them but none have anywhere near the number of people using them. Also the need to actually submit your site to search engines disappeared many years ago - these days they all find sites themselves by following links from sites they already know about.

If you still want a few extra search engines to look at then try Aeiwi, Amfibi, Altavista, AMRAY, Any Search Info, Big Finder, Buzzle, CanLinks, Cipinet, Claymont, Clickey, DogPile, EntireWeb, ExactSeek, Excite, Ezilon, Gimpsy, Go4.it, IllumiRate, Info Tiger, Jayde, JDGO, Look, Lycos, MetaSearch, MixCat, NetSearch, National Directory, Overture, Qango, ScrubTheWeb, Search Ave, SearchEngine.com, SearchHippo, SearchFeed, SearchIt, SearchKing, SearchSight, Shoula Search, SplatSearch, Starting Point, Subjex, SurfGopher, TowerSearch, TurnPike, Walhello, WebCrawler, Web World, WebbieWorld, WebSquash, What U Seek, WiseNut, World Site Index, WWWRIOT, and Zeezo.

here are my #3 and #4 after google and yahoo – bing.com and duckduckgo.com