What are good sites for job listings?

I’m in the process of seeking new work and I’m tired of using Craigslist, which has become a crap shoot. Can anyone recommend some quality job listing sites besides CL, Monster and Hotjobs? More specifically I’m looking for niche sites relating to design and development.


Go online and check the classifieds from your local area newspapers.

Two additional global sites:


Beyond that, you will have to check websites of organizations in your area–they don’t always post job openings outside of their own website.

LinkedIn is by far my top pick for people searching these days.

And don’t just wait for jobs to be posted, think of the local companies you’d be a fit for and connect with their teams, ask the hiring manager posting other jobs what their openings are like and if they post this time of year or wait [many companies don’t bother with interviews during the holidays as it’s either too hectic or too empty to accomplish much].

I think you should check linkedin . You can find relevant result on that .

You can find the Job listing From Naukri.com. Join this site… I Hope that this site can help you.

i think linkedin is good place for it…or you can also try ‘webberid.com’ its an online profiling website and also a good place for job seekers and companies…here you can establish your company profile and post jobs also…beside this you can also promote your compnay thorugh it…

I was going to recommend dice.com also.

I also found this website recently: http://www.webdevelopmentjobs.com/

I really like this suggestion. Getting out there and looking for companies that you think would be a good fit shows initiative and a real desire to work.

For me, I spent a good amount of time researching local companies that do work I am interested in. This worked well, especially when they saw that my skill set matched what they needed.