What are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP request and how to use them?



1.where and how can I use the GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE commands?
2.can these requests can be used in Javascript ?
3.i would like to use them in youtube API read about is in :http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/basics.html

not quite sure which forum this questions belongs to ,plz point me to the right one if exists.

  1. Go to http://www.google.com (it's a very good search engine) and type in get post delete put http. You are bound to get lots of results.
  2. Yes, using XMLHttpRequest.
  3. See 1 + 2.


I would like to use them in a blogger.com blog
tried w3schools , and the google API's forum , and google search engine as well but I'm still looking for the answer how to do it .
to make a long story short ,how can these commands be used in Javascript or in an HTML codes and are there any examples or tutorials ?
if I'm not wrong these are server side rather than client side commands/requests


An HTTP GET request is what you get (pardon the pun) when you enter a URI in your browser or when you click on a link on a web page. Certain HTML elements, like <img> also generate GET requests. GET requests a resource (usually a web page or an image) from the server. You can pass additional information to a server-side script by adding 'query parameters' after the script, such as http://example.com?foo&bar=42.

A POST request is similar to a GET request. The difference is that any additional information is sent in the body of the request, rather than as part of the URI. You can generate POST requests using <form method="post"> elements in HTML, where the form field values are sent in the request body.

A HEAD request is also similar to a GET request, but the server responds only with the HTTP headers; the response body is empty.

A PUT request is a way to upload a file to a server. Most servers don't allow PUT requests, because of the security implications.

Similarly, a DELETE request will delete a resource on the server. Like PUT, this method is rarely permitted on server for obvious reasons.


Appreciate the help guys