What are filters can you suggest me some one

what are filters and why should we use filters. can you suggest me some one…

If you’re refering to camera filters, these are discs of material that attach to the end of a camera lens to provide better capture of a scene, by altering what light passes through.

e.g a neutral density graduated filter is darker towards one side, so that a scene with a bright area and a dark area (typically a landscape with a bright sky and a darker foreground) can be exposed without the foreground being to dark or over exposing the bright sky.

As cameras have limited dynamic range (the difference between the darkest and brightest levels they can capture without distortion) this kind of filter reduces these differences making sure the highlights aren’t ‘blown out’ and that the darkest areas retain detail.

I use a cpl ( circular polarizer ) which can boost the blue in the sky and remove reflections especialy from water but only in the right conditions.

I have just brought a neautral density filter which as EastCoast says makes things darker and can help to slow down running water.

I do not intened on getting any other filters - a lot can be done in post processing these days.

I do like the idea of getting a UV filter for every lens though. They’re relatively cheap and protect the front glass element of your lens/help keep it clean, etc.

You can also use filters later on, post-processing in photoshop or even in irfanview…


You can check this http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/camera-lens-filters.htm for camera filters.Hope it helps you.

Filters are of many types and it can be used depending on the situation like for correcting the color, macro filter which is used for zooming(macro), star filter is used for showing twinks on to the product like jewellery, polorizer filter is used to enhance the blue color (like in sky) into the photo.