What are employers looking for in a WordPress expert?

I’m learning WordPress. What are employers looking for in a WordPress expert? Do most WordPress designers work in Templates like I did in Joomla? I need to get the ball rolling and market WordPress in addition to my other skills.
Thank you for your feedback.

Some employers have programmers working almost exclusively with prebuilt themes. Take a theme, modify it for a client, ship it. Some work more with plugin creation, or theme creation itself. Some build custom setups for each client off of just a skeleton theme and plugin set. It all depends on the employer.

If you have a good grasp of the platform, how it works, how themes and shortcodes and plugins work, and a good grasp on the technologies involved - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript - you’ll be well suited for employment in almost any of those roles, as you can learn the specifics of a job while you onboard.

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Than you for the feedback. I will master this skill.
By the way, what are your thoughts on SquareSpace? Does it work like WordPress and Joomla in that you download a template and upload it to your server and build upon it?

SquareSpace is very different from WordPress.

  1. Its a hosted only website.
  2. You do not have access to it’s innards
  3. Templates are not customizable up front
  4. Templates are JSON based.
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This is quite true. The benefit to SquareSpace is completely different to WordPress. It’s a hosting platform merged with a sort of limited content management system. You pick a theme, you modify it a little, and you fill in content. It’s a flat fee per month, and that’s that. It’s what I recommend to clients with a little know-how who just need an informational site and don’t really care about it being custom made or “special” or about it doing much of anything.

But it isn’t a competitor to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or the like - not in the slightest. Apples to oranges.

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