What are all the different ways a playlist can be made?

Am I leaving out ant?

const playlist = ["mnfmQe8Mv1g", "M7lc1UVf-VE", "-Xgi_way56U", "CHahce95B1g"],

const playlist = "0dgNc5S8cLI,mnfmQe8Mv1g,-Xgi_way56U,CHahce95B1g";

const playlist: "Nbp8XZnzfT8,mnfmQe8Mv1g,-Xgi_way56U,CHahce95B1g" +
listType: "playlist",
list: "TLGG73CXTCcjc1kxMzA4MjAyMQ"

playlist: ["mnfmQe8Mv1g", "M7lc1UVf-VE", "-Xgi_way56U", "CHahce95B1g"],

playlist: "0dgNc5S8cLI,mnfmQe8Mv1g,-Xgi_way56U,CHahce95B1g",

playlist: "Nbp8XZnzfT8,mnfmQe8Mv1g,-Xgi_way56U,CHahce95B1g" +

The configuration that we set for playlists can be in many different ways as seen above.
When it’s in an array, that is for our own convenience. It up to us to figure out things from there.

The only valid configuration that the youtube iframe allows is a comma-separated list, as we are instructed at https://developers.google.com/youtube/player_parameters#playlist

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