What apps could you suggest to enhance shopify store

Started my own store recently and now looking for some apps to enhance it. Of course started from digging through a ton of “Top any number here apps for your super-duper Shopify store” lists on Google.

But most of them look like a sheer ad, so I, frankly, doubt their relevance and transparency (and aforementioned too, as it is a blog of some ERP).
Anyway, my question is about some proper inventory and automated invoices creation apps. Could you please suggest some and share some experience about handling product variants.

I would highly suggesting using some form of Email marketing when dealing with ecommerce. If a customer buys from your store there is a MUCH better chance you can get that same customer to buy from you again. Leverage an email marketing app to create a mailing list. Offer free coupons via email once monthly for your visitors. Prompt customers to join after making a purchase to increase repeat sales.

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