What approach you would prefer for a e-commerece website? Using a Framework like Boot

How to decide when to use a Framework and when to go for bootstrap, Foundation or similar kind of framework and when to build our own custom built CSS? Specially when multiple people will be involved in project.

What are cons of using framework like Bootstrap/Foundation for a project? I feel that when we use these framework people think we do nothing much and anyone can do it. Should be build custom framework?

I like using Foundation, I just like the way it looks and feels better. Really no other reason. It’s also built using SASS instead of LESS like Bootstrap, but there is a SASS version of Boostrap, so that’s not a big deal. I also use JQuery-UI in alot of places, but that’s more of a minor framework for a few random features where Bootstrap and Foundation are full frameworks.

A front-end framework is just a tool. It helps you get things into production faster than rolling every single part by yourself. They save a TON of time. They can also reduce the amount of plugins, so that you don’t have a plugin for every single little feature you use on your site.

I also believe in heavily overriding the styles of a framework. If you stick with the default colors and styles, without tweaking them at all, then you get a very generic and very plain looking site. Especially if you’re using Bootstrap. Pure Bootstrap sites are very cold and just plain boring.

The cons would be about the same as any Framework (frontend or backend) needing to override things, not having full control of all the pieces, and uses extra resources. To me, these are things I will gladly sacrifice to have faster development, tons of features at my disposal, and to be able to spend more time doing more important things.

I liked bootstrap myself, only saw some intro vids on foundation and find bootstrap to have a lot more. Of course like mawburn said the “fun”/important part is overriding the css to give it the look & feel you want. Possible drawback not everyone involved in your project might know how to do it.
And of course. Important if working w/a group. Versioning & control so folks don’t overwrite each other.

Guys, what is the learning curve of these frameworks? I’d like to start to learn Bootstrap too as I heard it’s easier for the beginners, and it’s convenient for the Wordpress integration. What do you think?