What Animal is this?

Here is a vague question that maybe Ralphy or one of you other “Down-Under” types can help me figure out…

(BTW, this is a serious question!)

What animal am I thinking of…

[INDENT]- Small, furry critter

  • Maybe like the size of a small kitten
  • Hangs (or Lives) in Trees
  • Possibly a Marsupial
  • Has a tiny, pointed nose like an Opossum
    - Has Gigantic, Colorful Eyes
  • Looks very timid and harmless
  • Probably from Australia or New Zealand

Ring any bells??



Maybe one of [U]these[/U]?

It sounds like a bush baby although they aren’t from Oceania.

Oh, Hawk, baby…

You get the GOLDEN CUP!!! :cheer: :tup:

That is exactly the little critter I was looking for!!!

BTW, it looks like the formal name is Galago

Awwww… He’s soooo cute!!! :smiley:

Thanks a bunch, Hawk!!!



Woot! Glad to be of service.

That was actually quite fun – maybe we could start a game?!

I know its Galago… I saw it in thailand first time…